´╗┐Graphic design and art direction Sydney





Ceramic work


I have been working on a series of ceramics projects. All pieces are

slip cast from original designs, fashioned from polystyrene. 


You can see my work at Planet, 114 Commonwealth St,

Surry Hills, Sdney, NSW 2010, Australia.

Bubble bowl

20cm diameter aprox. Also with glazed interior


Bubble box

10m tall aprox. 12ct.gold glaze. Bubbles glazed vary from box to box. Bubbles are removable lid.


Poly vases

3 sizes 15cm, 10cm,12cm tall, ceramic, glazed interiors, all different colours

Poly vase making

Here is a quick look at part of the process to create the vase form.

Mold making

The polstyrene form is used to make the mold

Casting the vase

Three vase molds have been poured here and the cast piece is seen still in the mold before removal cleaning, firing and glazing

Glazing the vase

After cleaning and firing the vases interiors are roll glazed, after exteriors are protected with wax resist to prevent contact with glaze

The range grows, with the zigzag vase, broken and big vases

These forms are created using polystyrene as before but now experimenting with snapped poly edges giving another texture.

The big vases are 23 cm tall the broken vases are 16cm tall. They are all roll glazed inside with a  high gloss finnish.

New project in porcelain 

I have been living in Scotland for the past year and have been experimenting with new forms and techniques.

The porcelain has been formed in folded paper, then fired and 23.5 gold karat leaf applied to the inside.